Why Lebron James (and 21 Savage) Should Not Have Apologized

6 min readDec 28, 2018


The other day, Lebron James took to social media to apologize for his instagram post that quoted lyrics from the rapper 21 Savage.

The lyrics were “ We been getting that Jewish money. Everything is Kosher.” Some people felt this was anti-Semitic.

This comes after last month when the activist Marc Lamont Hill was fired from CNN for basically saying he wanted Israel to stop committing genocide against Palestinians.

Due to the sensitive subject of this article I provided documented evidence backing up every claim I make. Please don’t just take my word for things feel free to research it for yourselves.

Without further ado, the reason Lebron James and 21 Savage should not have apologized is simple.

  1. Jewish people are the wealthiest ethnic group in America, so there is truth to the lyrics.

It is a fact that many Jewish American’s built their family fortune by enslaving and oppressing Black Americans. For evidence click below.

Jewish American’s have done many of the same things to black people that Nazi Germany did to them. Maybe 21 Savage could have said “Negro Money” instead, but due to the point above, blacks have been locked out of wealth over the past 400 years. Thanks in part to many Jewish people. Jewish Americans have participated in systematically locking black people out of wealth. As stated before this allowed Jewish American’s to build their wealth. Unlike the racist NBA owner Donald Sterling,( who just so happens to be Jewish) many black Americans lack access to capital, stemming from centuries of discrimination.

Even Lebron James experienced a form of racism at the hands of a Jewish NBA team owner, named Dan Gilbert.

2. Israel , the country that Jewish people believe is their ancestral homeland, makes millions off the culture of Black Americans. By that I mean christian churches send millions of dollars each year to Israel, simply because they believe Jewish people are the descendants of the Biblical Israelites.

The U.S. government gives Billions of dollars to Israel every year. This money helps builds the wealth of Jewish people yet, black people have yet to receive reparations. This money is going to the wrong people and should be going to black people since we are the true descendants of that land.

The majority of Ashkenazi Jewish people, who make up 90 percent of the world’s Jewish population are not the descendants of the original Israelites of the bible.This means the vast majority of Europeans who call themselves Jewish are not really Jewish. By that I mean they have no genetic claim to the land of Israel. Judaism is simply African spirituality that was culturally appropriated. In some retrospect they are Jewish meaning Jew-ish. The same way something is called black-ish, meaning not really black. Jewish people aren’t the descendants of the original Jews that the bible speaks of but some have black blood in them due to racial mixing. This explains the slang word “Jew-fro”

Some also practice some of the same beliefs of the Torah. Despite this, the vast majority of European Jewish people converted to Judaism, yet have no genetic claim to the land of Israel nor are they descendants of Abraham( the Father of the Hebrew Nation), mentioned in the book of Genesis. I do not hold present-day Jew-ish people responsible for this. This cultural appropriation took place centuries ago. They are simply practicing the customs taught to them by their parents, who were probably taught the same thing.

The biblical, DNA, archeological, anthropological, and historical evidence, all show that the real descendants of the Israelites in the Bible are black Americans as well as the blacks scattered all over the world during the Atlantic Slave Trade. Over the last one thousand years there has been race mixing. The genetic marker, E1B1A that traces black Americans back to Israel, can be found among populations in places like Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iraq, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Ethiopia,Eritrea,Somalia,Pakistan, Turkey, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Brazil, Bahamas, etc. There are countries that contain high frequencies of this genetic marker that are not listed above. For more information please read the article “Evidence That Proves Black People Are The Biblical Israelites”

This means that Lebron James and 21 Savage are real Semites, meaning they can’t be anti-Semitic. According to the Torah, anti-Semitism will continue until, the real Israelites awaken to their true identity and turn back to God.(Deuteronomy 30:1–10) If Jewish people really and truly want to end anti-Semitism, they will spread this knowledge as to who the true Israelites are.

4. The Rap Industry

There are three major music record labels in America. They are Universal, Warner, and Sony. The owners of these three major record labels are of Jewish ancestry. These three record labels own several other record labels.

Jewish music industry executives, like many music executives of all races, have been putting out racist propaganda about blacks through hip hop, for over 30 years. For nearly, 30 years these record labels have promoted genocide, crime, and drug abuse in our community. This also allowed more negative stereotypes towards blacks to develop. A white co-worker once told me that he tries not to listen to rap because it made him view blacks as criminals. In my opinion it was simply an honest statement by him.

In conclusion Jewish people have participated in the genocide of blacks, but at the same time, as a black man I do not blame all Jewish people, the same way I don’t blame all white people. Hopefully this historical context, will help alleviate any tensions between the two communities, and help one another fight against injustice.

Thanks for reading.