When Did Black History Become A Conspiracy Theory? ( Nipsey Hussle Tribute)

14 min readJul 11, 2019

The week that followed the tragic day of March 31, 2019, I was talking to my father about Nipsey Hussle. My father said to me… “ Now that I am hearing about all the things he was doing…”…. My father’s eyes suddenly started to water and his voice started to crack, “Brother’s like him aren’t supposed to have that happen to him

My father didn’t even know who Nipsey Hussle was until he died and I didn’t really listen to his music like that but I did really like his song “U see us”, which came out back in 2013. I also was not fully aware of what he did for the community. Despite this, the loss is dramatically felt. The black community, the hip-hop world, America, the city of Los Angeles, and the world didn’t just lose a rapper, but lost an activist. That is why Nipsey’s death probably hurts the way it does, because he was an activist. He was for the people. The fact that he was an activist is why many black people in America believe that Nipsey Hussle’s murder was actually an assassination.

As of right now the details surrounding his murder do not add up. Within the first few days, it was reported that the shooter killed Nipsey Hussle because he he felt disrespected by Nipsey Hussle. There is no evidence of that, but according to one of Nipsey Hussle’s friends who was actually there, the guy approached Nipsey Hussle and said he was a rapper, then left the store then came back around and started shooting him.

In the video below, Nipsey’s friend talks about the moments before and after the shooting. He said “there was no beef, no controversey, no drama, and that no words were exchanged, just a hater move”

Any time a black person trying to uplift their community is murdered under suspicious circumstances, I believe it is only right to question what the police says, especially LAPD. LAPD has historically been one of the most corrupt police departments in America. Not to mention LAPD would constantly raid Nipsey Hussle’s store, “the Marathon”, as well as harass him.

Naysayers may say “Well they killed black leaders in during the 60’s, that’s in the past”. Although it was done in the past, it still goes on. As recent as 2017, the Trump administration passed the “Black Identity Extremist” report, which alludes to the government bringing back the same tactics that they used to destroy black movements and activists from the 60’s. In 2017 the FBI put out a 12 page report, that details how black people who speak up against police brutality will be labeled a terrorist and treated as such. So far, the FBI conducted one house raid under this program, that we know of. Black Lives Matter activists have been placed under surveillance by the FBI and kidnapped by the police.

Government officials such as Representative Karen Bass have spoken out about how this new report alluded to them bringing back “Cointelpro” or the Counterintellingence program that America used to take down black activists in the 60's.


In 1963 , FBI Assistant Director William Sullivan, head of the Intelligence Division, reported to J Edgar Hoover about information that would destroy Dr. King and his reputation. He said if handled properly, [could] take him off his pedestal… the Negroes will be left without a national leader of sufficiently compelling personality to steer them in the proper direction.”

This is clear evidence of the American Government admitting that their goal was to sabotage black Americans from succeeding in society. They did not want the black community to have any leaders.

According to the U.S. Senate, other main tactics that were used against people like Dr. King and Malcolm X included:

1. Divide and Conquer. The goal of the FBI was to cause violence between black organizations.

2. Assassinating key leaders.

3. Using tax investigations to drain the resources and harass activists.

4. Raiding the offices of black organizations offices with guns and initiating shoot outs.

5. Framing and arresting black leaders on false charges etc.

6. Sending anonymous letters to spouses accusing them of infidelity.

6. Sending false stories to the newspapers, journalists, and media to discredit them. Ruin their reputation so they will lose support from the white and black community.

Emphasis on “sending false stories to the newspapers, journalists, and media to discredit them. Ruin their reputation so they will lose support from the white and black community.”

Source Below: New York Times/ US Senate

Not only were activists targeted, so were black college students. The FBI ordered for black student unions to be investigated.

In terms of the Nipsey Hussle, many people have said, “the killer was a black man, that means it was not the government, it was just some street stuff or gang stuff

The American government has a history of using other black people to take down black activists. I can’t even make this up, the government created “The Ghetto Informant Program.”

The Ghetto Informant Program

As of 1972 the FBI recruited over 7,000 inner city residents who worked or lived in the ghetto, to carry out plans for the FBI, report information on key activists and leaders, and to report “ racial activities” and the “racial situation going in the ghetto.” Barbershops, stores, and libraries are some of the places that were spied on. The FBI was afraid of literature that would inspire black revolutions.

Source: US Senate. Church Committee 1976 Report, page 228. Click the link and scroll to the Ghetto Informant Program.

Scroll to page 2:28

One example is William O’Neal. He was a black teenager who stole a car and the FBI made a deal with him. The deal was, no jail time if he would work for them as an informant. William O’Neal would eventually help the FBI assassinate a activist named Fred Hampton. Fred Hampton was a 21 year old black man who was a key leader of the Illinois Chapter of the Black Panther Party. Similar to Nipsey Hussle, Fred Hampton was uplifting his community, but what made him dangerous was the fact that he was trying to politicize gangs and form truces.

Black gangs becoming united and political has always been a huge fear of the government.

Prevent the COALITION of militant black nationalist groups. In unity there is strength; a truism that is no less valid for all its triteness. An effective coalition of black nationalist groups might be the first step toward a real “Mau Mau” [Black revolutionary army] in America, the beginning of a true black revolution.”

A final goal should be to prevent the long-range GROWTH of militant black organizations, especially among youth. Specific tactics to prevent these groups from converting young people must be developed.”

This quote from the government shows how fearful they were of black groups uniting to start a revolution. This is why the FBI tried divide these groups and start conflicts between them. Our unity has always been seen as a threat to them.

Howard Saffold, a member of the Chicago Police Department spoke on how they feared The Black Panthers and Black gangs uniting. The black panthers and the gangs were uniting to better their communities.

The Panthers were pursing an ideology that “we need to take these young minds and energy turn it into part of our movement” in terms of black liberation and the rest of it, and I saw a very purposeful intention effort on the police department to keep that head from hooking up to that body, do not let this become a part of a political movement, because that is exactly what it was”

FBI agents decided to send an anonymous letter, lying, saying that the Black Panther’s had a hit out for them.

Fortunately, Jeff Fort and Fred Hampton did not take the bait. The FBI used the black informant William Oneal to help assassinate Fred Hampton, by getting him to give them the floor plan of Fred Hampton’s home. With this information, Chicago police were able to conduct the assassination of him at his home.

Around this same time, in California the FBI was causing “gang wars” between the Black Panther Party in LA and another black organization called U.S. (United Slaves). Bunchy Carter was the leader of the LA Chapter of the Black Panther. Before joining the Black Panthers he was a member of the gang the “Slausons”, which was based out of the same neighborhood Nipsey Hussle was from. The Slausons were one of the gangs in LA before the Crips were formed. Bunchy Carter began politicizing gang members in LA and started bringing them into the Black Panther Panther Party.

Bunchy Carter’s chapter opened up a free medical clinic as well as a free breakfast program that fed the community. The FBI labeled the “Free breakfast program” as one of the biggest threats the Panthers posed. Let that sink in, feeding impoverished black children before school represented one of the biggest threats.

An FBI agent named revealed that the plan was to kill Bunchy Carter in Watts and make it look like a drug deal gone bad. Instead they used a black informant to kill him on the campus of UCLA.

In an interview in the documentary below the former FBI agent Wes Swearingen stated that the plan was for Bunchy Carter to be killed in Watts, and for it to be made to look like a drug deal gone bad. His statement can be viewed between the 8 min mark and 10 min mark.

When I sat down with former FBI agent Wes Swearingen, who explained just how far the FBI went to neutralize the black liberation movement, particularly the Black Panthers on the West Coast. He exposed the murder of Bunchy Carter in his interview, explaining how they not only wanted to neutralize Bunchy but to discredit him. “

“In his own words, he said that the FBI originally planned for Bunchy to die in Watts in a drug-deal-gone-bad scenario, but — and these are his words — sometimes informants don’t do what you tell them to do. Instead, on January 17, 1969, Bunchy Carter was killed in Campbell Hall on the campus of UCLA.”

“That revelation was definitely a smoking gun for me. Blacks in America have always been written off as conspiracy theorists, even though some of these things have manifested before our own eyes. But when we try to point some of these things out, they almost mockingly say that our accusations have no credibility, can’t be proved. The murder was not only a smoking gun, but a confirmation that behind the scenes, strings are definitely being pulled”

Source : LA Weekly (below)

The FBI created a plan to create division between the LA Chapter and another black organization called the U.S. organization. The FBI would send fake cartoon drawings that disrespected the Panthers and made it look like the letters came from the U.S. organization. They also sent similar letters to the US organization, pretending to be the Black Panthers.

The San Diego FBI office sent to the headquarters a letter taking credit for the violence that broke out between the Black Panthers and the U.S. organization, saying :

Shootings, beatings, and high degree of unrest continues to prevail in the ghetto area of Southeast San Diego. Although no specific counter intelligence action can be credited with contributing to this overrall situation, it is felt that a substantial amount of unrest is directly attributable to this program”

Source: NY Time article

To this day, people think Malcolm X was soley murdered by the Nation of Islam. The public never mentions the fact that the FBI also took credit for causing fractions between Malcolm X and the Nation of Islam.

As you can see from the government document above, the FBI said that “disputes” were caused by them, one of them involving Malcolm X.

The FBI would carry out these same tactics in the 1990’s. After the Rodney King Riots, in 1992,the Bloods and Crips created a truce, (which Tupac was involved with). Los Angeles police wanted to keep the gang war going. One member of the Crips, named Crip Cal, talked about how the police pulled him over, arrested him, took his car, and did a drive by against the Bloods.

The police did this to make it seem like the Crips committed the drive-by. This was done to keep the gang war and gun violence in the black community going. (To hear is account, skip to 1 hr and 11 min and watch until the 1 hr and 13 min and 22 second minute mark) 1:11–1:13:22) This section of the documentary discusses how black gang members were being threatened with jail unless they carried out orders for the LAPD.


Not only were gang members targeted, black college students were targeted. The FBI ordered for black student unions to be investigated.

Today, many people think Tupac was killed due to gang violence. What is not discussed, is that Tupac’s body guard, Michael Moore, stated that around the time Tupac was shot, he heard on the Death Row Records walkie-talkie, a man say “got em”. According to Michael Moore the man sounded “Caucasian”. On the way to the hospital where Tupac was brought, he heard someone else say “hey, don’t say nothing over this radio”

To hear the body guards statement, the link to a documentary, approved by Tupac’s family is below. It is called “Tupac Assassination, Conspiracy or Revenge.” Skip to to the 44 min and 25 sec mark to hear Michael Moore, discuss this.

Initially the story was that Tupac and his entourage got into a fight with a member of the Crips, named Orlando Anderson. The fight took place in the lobby of the MGM casino after a Mike Tyson fight in Las Vegas. Many people including Tupac’s brother, Mopreme Shakur, believe that Orlando Anderson was placed there as a pawn. Meaning Orlando Anderson, (who said he didn’t even have a ticket to the fight), was told to come, to make it look like it was a gang related shooting.

The body guards were ordered not to carry weapons the night of his murder, making Tupac unprotected and vulnerable for an attack. The body guard, Michael Michael Moore stood up to Deathrow Records security and said he was going to carry his gun that night. He was taken off Tupac that night.

-The FBI had Tupac under surveillance the at the time of his murder.

-Members of DeathRow Records were apart of LAPD.

-The FBI had a 4,000 page file on Tupac Shakur. They only released 90 pages.

Although comparisons are not fair, many people are saying Nipsey Hussle accomplished what Tupac spoke about doing. That being said if Tupac’s ideas were enough for the FBI to put together a 4,000 page file on him, then why wouldn’t it be only right to assume the FBI was involved with Nipsey Hussle’s murder as well?

Nipsey Hussle was doing many things that activists have been targeted for doing. Such as:

  1. Helped create unity between the Bloods and Crips. He was scheduled to meet with LAPD to talk about how to end gang violence.
  2. Co-founded a plan called “Our Our Opportunity” in which he was going to work with black leaders in America to build black businesses and to end gentrification. The plan was part of an initiative called Our Opportunity, co-founded by Hussle and led by his business partner Dave Gross. Nipsey was scheduled to meet with politicians in D.C. to help further his plans into becoming nation wide. Studies show that landlords make more money off the poor. Nipsey Hussle’s plan would have been a threat to landlords who profit off exploiting black neighborhoods.


Poverty is the root of crime in our communities. Decreasing poverty and crime in our communities is a threat to the billion dollar prison industry.

3. Created a Stem program for black and latino youth.

4. Was buying up property and opened up businesses in the community he lived. In doing so he was helping to control the economy of his community and employ black people.

5. Last but not least he was making a documentary on Dr. Sebi, which would have potentially cost the Pharmaceutical industry millions of dollars.

Tupac’s music about police brutality scared the government so much that the Vice President at the time, Dan Quayle wanted his music banned.

A few years ago, Nipsey Hussle was in a song/music video called Fuck Donald Trump.

The video showed and talked about black gangs uniting, as well as black gangs uniting with latino gangs to rise up against white supremacy.

In the documentary, below, Nipsey Hussle talks about how when he finally opened up his store, they would occasionally raid his office for no reason.

In a music video called “Hussle and Motivate”, it showed his whole neighborhood rising up against a police officer.

You do not have to be a famous rapper like Tupac or Nipsey Hussle to be targeted. A black man named Darren Seals, from the community in which Michael Brown was killed in Ferguson, was targeted. He became one of the leaders of the movement in Ferguson and was stopped by the police and had guns drawn on him and his brother, and questioned about his facebook post about Donald Trump. The police told him to “choose his enemies wisely.” He tweeted about the incident.

Here is a video of the police harassing, Darren Seales, and Seales talking about what transpired. Skip to the 10 min mark.

Months later Darren Seales was found shot in the head in a burning car.

If Darren Seales could be targeted, why wouldn’t Nipsey Hussle who had a much bigger platform be targeted?

The links below show how the FBI has been putting activists under surveillance, kidnapping them, and going as far as tracking one across the country. The links show how the government is monitoring the black lives matter movement in similar ways they did during the civil rights movement.

Of course only God knows what happened to Nipsey Hussle. I could very well be wrong. Black on black violence is real. Haters and snakes who kill out of jealousy is real. Due to the fact that Nipsey Hussle dedicated a lot of his life to black people, we owe it to him to truly look at his murder from an investigative approach. Based on a historical pattern and the racial climate of today, it is safe to “assume”, Nipsey Hussle was assassinated for his activism and the threat he posed to the “powers that be”.

Rest in Peace to a legend!