Tupac Shakur Was Assassinated. Not Murdered.

5 min readOct 4, 2023
The bullet riddled car that Tupac was shot in on September 7, 1996, in Las Vegas, Nevada

Disclaimer : Currently in bed with Covid so instead of a long article, I’ll just list the main pieces of evidence that can easily be fact checked. All of the sources can be found at the bottom of this article.

Most people think Tupac died due to “gang violence”, stemming from a fight in the lobby of the MGM Casino with the gang member named Orlando Anderson. Orlando Anderson who is now deceased, was the nephew of Kefe Davis, who was recently arrested and indicted for the assassination of Tupac.

After one views these 8 pieces of evidence, it will be clear that Tupac was assassinated.

The following pieces of evidence are from Tupac Shakur’s body guards, his friends, and his brother, Mopreme Shakur.

1. Kevin Hackie who was Tupac’s body guard at Death Row Records, admitted to be being an FBI Agent, and stated that FBI Agents and ATF agents were in the cars following Tupac’s car at the time he was shot. Which means FBI Agents and ATF agents witnessed Tupac’s murder. (see source at the end of the article)

Kevin Hackie, Tupac’s Body Guard

Honestly this should be “case closed” right here.

Tupac’s father who was a Black Panther, also said this as well.

2. According to Tawanda Monroe of the Department of Justice, at the time of his murder the FBI had a 4,000 page file on Tupac. The FBI only released 99 pages to the public. What are they hiding in those thousands of pages?


Former congresswoman Cynthia McKinney proposed a bill for them to release the FBI pages but it didn’t get passed.

3. The head of Deathrow Records security Reggie Wright Sr., ordered Tupac’s bodyguards to not carry weapons the night he was murdered, leaving him unprotected that night. That was out of the norm.

4. The one body guard, Michael Moore, who refused to give up his gun that night , was removed off of duty of Tupac.

Tupac and Michael Moore below.

5. The FBI Agent Kevin Hackie said that the fight between Tupac and the crip gang member Orlando Anderson, a few hours before his murder, was strategically set up to shift the blame towards Orlando Anderson , and to make it look like gang retaliation.

Tupac’s step-brother Mopreme Shakur, said the same thing about Orlando Anderson.

Orlando Anderson is the nephew of Kefe Davis, the suspect who was recently arrested for being involved in the assassination of Tupac. Even Tupac’s brother said that Orlando Anderson was a pawn.

Murdering Black leaders and staging it to look like Black on Black crime has been going on for decades.

For example, this was done to the Black Panther Party leader, Bunchy Carter in 1969.

In an interview in the documentary below, the former FBI agent named Wes Swearingen, stated that the plan was for Bunchy Carter to be killed in Watts, California , and for it to be made to look like a drug deal gone bad. The informant ended up not doing it so. the FBI had. Bunchy Carter murdered by Black men on UCLA’s campus. This statement can be viewed between the 8 min mark and 10 min mark.

More details on the FBI’s murder of Bunche Carter can be viewed below.

6. After Tupac was shot,Michael Moore, Tupac’s body guard ,the one who refused to give up his gun, said he heard somebody on the Deathrow Records security walkie talkie say “Got em.” He also said it sounded like a white man. Then soon after he heard another man on the walkie talkie say, “don’t say nothin else over these walkie talkies”

This can be seen from the clip below from the documentary, “Tupac Assassination: Conspiracy or Revenge”, produced by Tupac’s other body guard, Frank Alexander.

7. Tupac’s god-brother, Yafeu Akiyele (Yaki Kadafi) who was also a member of Tupac’s rap group, “The Outlawz”, stated he could identify the driver of the car that killed Tupac. A few months later he was murdered under suspicious circumstances.

Photos of Yaki Kadafi with Tupac below.

8. Last but definitely not least. A Jewish Terrorist organization called JDL, was extorting Tupac through death threats. They did the same to Easy E. If the FBI knows this why didn’t they arrest members of the JDL?

Source 1: FBI was in the car following Tupac when he was killed.

Source 2: All of the other pieces of evidence can be found here below in this documentary called the “Tupac Assassination: Conspiracy or Revenge”, produced by Tupac’s body guard, Frank Alexander, who was with him the night he was assassinated. Frank Alexander said he had been getting death threats for speaking up about what really happened to Tupac. Frank Alexander and Tupac’s other body guard, Michael Moore, are now both dead.