14 min readFeb 10, 2021


The Case For Native Americans/Latinos As Israelites

This article was written to provide evidence that “Native Americans”/”Latinos” are Israelites, specifially from Northern Kingdom of Israel. The Northen Kingdom of Israel is also known as the House of Israel.

Side note: Not ALL Latinos/ Not ALL Native Americans are Israelites. The Native Americans/Latinos that have African ancestry and fit the curses of Deuteronomy 28 in the Bible, are Israelites.

Throughout this article other words like “Indians” and “Native Americans”, will be used synonymously with Latinos and vice versa. As we know, Latinos descend from the indigenous people of the Americas. Some indigenous people migrated to North America, while others inhabited Central and South America.

Latinos are the descendants of the indigenous people who were conquered by Europeans from Spain and had the spanish language forced on them during colonialism. Latinos and Native Americans may have different cultures or speak different languages but they are still of the same race,blood, and are the indigenous people of the Americas.

So here is the proof.

In the bible there was the ancient Kingdom of Israel. The Kingdom of Israel split into two kingdoms. The Northern Kingdom and the Southern Kingdom. The Northern Kingdom (called the House of Israel or just Israel) is the kingdom that Native Americans/Latinos are from. The Southern Kingdom (called the House of Judah or just Judah) is the kingdom that Black descendants of the Slave Trade come from.