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The Congressional Bill That Every Black Person Should Be Talking About At Thanksgiving.

The beautiful thing about the racism and corruption within the American Government going on today, is that it will continue to force us to take care of our own communities. Nearly every issue in our community can be solved by ourselves instead of legislation by government. The only barrier preventing us from doing so is access to capital. Due to the fact that many people have been systematically kept in poverty for the last 400 years, there is a huge wealth gap and shortage of resources in our communities.

The United Nations Just recently stated that reparations are owed.

In 2014 the scholar like T’ Neshi Coates wrote an article “Case For Reparations”. Jewish people received reparations for the Holocaust and the Japanese received reparations for being placed in concentration camps in America. Today the American government gives billions of dollars each year to Israel. If this country has enough money

If Donald Trump signed this bill then that means we should put pressure on democrats. If Democrats are allegedly more supportive of black people and minorities than Republicans, let them prove it. Push for them to address this bilL, by signing this petition. There are two stages needed for the petition to be addressed.

Economists have estimated that the free labor from Africans that helped build America is worth Trillion Dollars Just recently Congressman Bobby Scott from VA proposed a bill that would helped push for reparations for Black people. The Bill was created for the purpose to celebrate the fact that Black people have been in America for 400 years(1619–2019). Surprisingly, Donald Trump signed this Bill.

The Bill states that it will give out grants to black communities in America. Here is how we can use these as reparations. Nearly every systematic issue black people face in America can be solved through these reparations. For example let’s start with police brutality. As we know, the issue of police brutality in America has gained main stream attention over the past few years and the rise of “Black Lives Matter”. Unfortunately police brutality is still an issue.

Here is how this bill will help end police brutality. Due to systematic barriers such as job discrimination and unequal education many black men in low income communities are unemployed. DC has the highest black unemployment rate in the country. Poverty breeds crime. The Bill could give out grants to black communities, in which the unemployed men in those communities will go through a paid training program on community patrol/policing. Most importantly that training would include a curriculum about their heritage, systemic racism, and the 400 year history of blacks in America. This could program could be led by a team of black scholars and preachers. At the end of the program they will get a full time living wage to protect and police their own neighborhood. This Bill could help uplift black men and women out of poverty while putting an end to the high rates of crime and gun violence in our community.

DC police are going through a racial training.

The goal for the black community is to police our own communities, therefore money spent on that type of racial training would be better spent on unemployed black men in low-income communities rather than police officers.

Also, it’s been documented that the Ku Klux Klan have infiltrated law enforcement in America. A terrorist organization that gained its rise to power by killing black people, are now patrolling black communities with guns. This is even more of a reason as to why black people need to police their own communities.

If black communities all over America were able to successfully launch community policing program in the 60’s (Black Panther Party), why can’t it be accomplished in 2018? In fact Black organizations successfully policed black communities in the 90’s. In D.C. the Nation of Islam helped protect the community during the violent crack epidemic. Here is what some of the residents from the housing complex that the Nation of Islam patrolled said. It’s been proven that this is the solution to the crime in our communities.

In conclusion a grant for this community patrol program could easily provide a living wage for black men to patrol and protect their own communities in America. It could create jobs for men in the community, thus decreasing poverty,crime, and mass incarceration. This has also been proven to end the cycle of gun violence in black communities.

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The Community Policing Jobs Program, is just one example of how grants can be used as reparations. Due to the fact that deadly chemicals are systematically and disproportionately released into black neighborhoods, reparations in the form of grants should be applied to health care. In a perfect world, Black people who have been affected or live in these neighborhoods that are being poisoned, should have free healthcare. If the government will not provide free health care to it’s citizens who are being poisoned against their will, these communities should at-least get grants for state of the art Spa’s to be placed in their communities. Spa’s help people heal. They help with your heart(heart disease is the number one killer of black people), lowers blood pressure, fights against dementia, arthritis, and remove toxins from your body. Along with being poisoned by deadly chemicals, black people are more at risk for psychological disorders such as PTSD. Spa’s can help fight PTSD because they help reduce stress, anxiety, and also help relax the mind.

These are just a few things I have been brainstorming. Hopefully other people can think of ways that the bill could help improve our communities. Thanks for reading.