The Bible Is Black History

7 min readFeb 9, 2021

Up until 2017 I used to believe the same lie that the Bible was the “white man’s religion.” That was before I learned that the DNA evidence, archeological evidence, anthropological evidence, historical evidence, which includes eye-witness accounts of Africa before slavery and colonialism, and biblical evidence proved that the Bible is Black History.

Using these three points below, I will prove that the Bible is Black History.

I. The Main Characters Of The Bible Such As Adam, Abraham, Moses, Paul and Jesus Were Black. Yes, Jesus Was Black.

II. Our Ancestors Practiced The Bible in Africa Before Slavery and Colonialism

III. How The Bible is a Black Liberation Book.

I. The Main Characters

Adam, who is mentioned as the first man in the Bible, was Black. This is according to a report put out by National Geographic which combined genetic evidence, forensic science, and advanced computer software. Below is the sculpture of what their study showed Adam looked like.

The full National Geographic documentary can be viewed below. They reveal the sculpture of Adam around 42 mins into the…