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Kamala Harris Does Not Care About Black and Brown People

Kamala Harris with the Prime Minister of Israel

I want to say it was either first or second grade. That is anywhere between 2000–2001. As I sat next to my mom in the living room, she showed me a video on the computer. It was either an email that she opened or it was on a website. Either way she showed me the video. She said “ This is where your Aunt Laura is from.” It was Palestine. It was a video about the genocide of Palestinians. I looked at the grisly photos of children wounded.

The beautiful thing about growing up in the DC area is the diversity. My brother and my Aunt Laura’s son played in the same recreation baseball league. This spawned a friendship. She and her husband had 4 kids and we were a family with three kids. Some of my best childhood memories consisted of sleep overs, going to the pool, summer camp and playing basketball with each other. To this day I still view her and family, as family. This is why it is hard for me to turn a blind eye to the genocide of Palestinians that has been going on since 1948. In fact, I didn’t even want to use my Aunt “Laura’s” real name, because one of my other Palestinian friends said she was detained at the airport by Israeli officials, and was asked to have her phone checked. It’s real out there.

The Israeli government is doing similar things to Palestinians that Hitler did to Jewish people during the Holocaust.

The Israeli government is doing similar things that Christopher Columbus, Europeans/The American government did and still do to the Native Americans.

If you are outraged with the children being separated from their parents at the border by Trump then you should also be outraged by what the Israeli government is doing to Palestinian children. I get it, some Americans are patriotic and only concerned about the lives of American citizens. Ironically just the other week we celebrated Dr. King, who once said “An injustice anywhere is an injustice every where.”

I can not think of a greater injustice going on right now in 2019. I can not.

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The Israeli government drops bombs on innocent Palestinian women and children. Innocent Palestinian women and children are being slaughtered by Israeli snipers. Why? The same reason Europeans slaughtered the Native Americans, land.

Below is the trailer for the Oscar nominated 2011 documentary, Broken Cameras. It highlights the genocide of Palestinians at the hands of the Israeli government. I would encourage everybody to watch the full documentary when one has time.

The video below is the full documentary.

The documentary was so powerful that it even saddened Israeli youth. Video below.

If an American politician raised money to fund the Holocaust they would be labeled a monster. If an American politician raised money to fund a border wall, they would be called a monster. Kamala Harris has been one of the main political advocates of the land theft and genocide of innocent people Palestinians. Now how could Kamala Harris a black woman side with the oppressor in a genocide? For starters her husband is Jewish. Also, in a speech she said she has been advocating for the Israeli settlement since she was a little girl. Kamala Harris is a certified Zionist. What is a Zionist?

A Zionist is somebody who believes that Israel belongs to Jewish People. They achieve their goals through terrorism. The Israeli government terrorizes Palestinians in order to get land.

Kwame Toure, (Stokely Carmichael), the legendary civil rights activist who coined the term “Black Power”, said in a speech,

“I am Anti-Zionist , and will remain so until it is destroyed because it is an unjust illegal immoral and racist system.”

Kwame Ture is credited as the person who influenced Dr. King to start speaking out against the Vietnam war.

Kwame Ture (Stokely Carmichael) on the right of Dr King.

How is Kamila Harris A Zionist?

-She co-sponsored a resolution that would give the Israeli government more power to drop bombs on Palestinian children, steal Palestinian land,!and slaughter Palestinian children.

-She has also spoke at the AIPAC , or American Israel Public Affairs Committee, conference. AIPAC is a pro-Israel lobbying organization.

-She supports the Israeli Military. If you support a military that commits terrorist attack’s against innocent civilians, then you support terrorism.

“Our defense relationship is critical to both nations, which is why I support the United States’ commitment to provide Israel with $38 billion in military assistance over the next decade.”

-Kamala Harris

The Israeli government is also terrorizing black people in Israel. Please watch for more details on this below. “Do Black Lives Matter in Israel.”

The notification below occurred yesterday.

-Kamala Harris met with Benjamin Netanyahu , the Prime minister of Israel on November 20th, 2017, one day after Netanyahu announced a plan to deport 40,000 African migrants, calling them “infiltrators” who pose a threat to Israel’s “Jewish character.”

Netanyahu’s plan to expel African migrants came after years of anti-Black protests in Israel where politicians across the political spectrum, including those from Netanyahu’s party, made statements referring to Africans as a “cancer” and “emitting a bad stench” and “likely to cause all kinds of diseases”

All of this above does not even include what she has done to black people in America.

1. During the rise of police killings in which unarmed black men were being slaughtered, Kamala Harris did not support or push for police to wear body cameras. By not pushing for police to wear cameras, Kamala Harris chose the side of law enforcement over black lives.

2. She tried to get an innocent Black man named Kevin Cooper killed. Kamila Harris supported the death penalty in which black people are disproportionately killed. Hundreds of innocent black males have been executed. Kevin Cooper was a man on death row, who had DNA evidence proving his innocence. Despite the DNA evidence,Kamala Harris advocated for him to be executed until The NY Times exposed the mishandling of the case.

3. Kamala Harris Supports The Enslavement Of Black People.

Kamala Harris stated

the idea that we incarcerate people to have indentured servitude is one of the worst possible perceptions…I feel very strongly about that. It evokes images of chain gangs.”

That’s like somebody getting caught cheating on their spouse and saying “Honey… the idea that you think I am being unfaithful is one of the worst possible perceptions. It evokes an idea that I am committing adultery

Mass Incarceration is literally the daughter of chain gangs. After slavery blacks were forced back onto concentration camps and made to do force labor. This was because of the 13th amendment, which allowed a person to be enslaved if they commit a crime. Unfortunately this gave the police to arrest black people under racist laws such as the vagrancy laws. Fast forward today we now the War on Drugs which is the life supply for Mass Incarceration and was created simply to destroy the black community. You would think Kamala Harris being a black women, would have taken all of this into consideration.

Sources on the racist history of Mass Incarceration and the War on Drugs below.

My other issue with Kamala Harris is that her policies represent the Democratic Party. No I am not a Republican, I just think they both are on the same side.

Malcolm X once said,

Foxes and wolves usually are of the same breed. They belong to the same family — I think it’s called canine. And the difference is that the wolf when he shows you his teeth, you know that he’s your enemy; and the fox, when he shows you his teeth, he appears to be smiling. But no matter which of them you go with, you end up in the dog house.”

What are the policies of the Democratic Party? It’s basic math.

Let’s start with Baltimore, a war-zone, poverty, gun violence, and drug addiction.

Since 1967, every mayor in Baltimore has been a Democrat. Let that sink in. Democrats have been in charge of a city in which black people have been living in miserable conditions.

Same thing for Chicago, New Orleans, Detroit, Newark, New Jersey, and St. Louis etc. Each of these cities have had Democrats as mayors.

Judging by the black poverty and unemployment rate in these cities, I feel like being a democratic politician would be a dream job. You get rewarded for not doing anything.At least for black people that is.

Right now there is a disconnect between black millennial voters and our parents generation. Due to the fact that black people have been voting Democrats for over 30 years, if you even so much criticize a democratic politician you get labeled a “hater”.

The only difference between Donald Trump and Kamala Harris and many other politicians is professionalism. Trump behaves like a child and Kamala Harris, and most politicians, behave like professional politicians. Despite this, they all have the same policies.

If you still don’t see the light, and believe democrats are the lesser of two evils, then I will ask for whom? Maybe to you, but not to a Palestinian child who lives in fear of dying from bombs. To them all of these politicians are the same.

At the end of the day whether it be in California or in Africa (Yes, Israel is in Africa), Kamala Harris has has sided with oppressors and not the oppressed, and she has made it very clear that she is proud of it. As for voting for Kamala Harris, I wont tell you all how to vote but as for me, who am I going to listen to Kwame Ture, (Stokely Carmichael), a revolutionary/civil rights activist who risked his life for black people by fighting on the frontlines alongside Dr. King or people who were not even alive or old enough to remember the civil rights movement?

If it comes down to it, Elizabeth Warren has my vote. She has been critical of the Israeli governments treatment of Palestinians.