Kanye West Calling Out Oppression Is Not Anti-Semitic (Part 2)

7 min readOct 25, 2022


Jewish people also participated in the racist propaganda that fueled the genocide of Black people in America.

In 1915 the Movie “Birth of A Nation” was released. It was known as America’s first blockbuster movie. It was based off the book “Klansman” by Thomas Dixon. According to scholar John C. Inscoe, Dixon stated openly that his purpose was “to create a feeling of abhorrence in white people, especially white women, against colored men” and he wanted to use his film as a way “to have all Negroes removed from the United States.”

“So powerful was the impact of the movie in 1915 was that it is often credited with setting the stage for the Klan revival that same year. In fact, the man who actually created the 20th century Klan … used the publicity surrounding it to win recruits to his organization. … Birth of a Nation is so blatantly racist that it is rarely shown in public theaters today. … The racial hatred exhibited in the movie, once acceptable, is now abhorrent to all but the Klan and the most extreme bigots”

-The Southern Poverty Law Center’s 1991 publication Ku Klux Klan: A History of Racism and Violence describes the influence of The Birth of a Nation:

A Jewish man named Louis B Mayer, who owned a chain of movie theaters, began building his wealth with the profits from showing Birth of Nation through out New England. He would later start one of the worlds oldest film studios, MGM.

Jewish people also played a role in the racist propaganda called “blackface”, which started in the 1830's.

“Blackface itself is an unpleasant form which demeans African Americans. There’s no way around that fact. Jews were the predominant purveyors of it during the turn of the century. They didn’t originate it, they inherited it.”

  • Michael Rogin, former UC Berkley Professor

After the civil rights movement, The FBI passed the War on Drugs to target Black people, by “arresting their leaders and and disrupting their communities”

In the late 80’s Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, found a solution to the gun violence and drug dealing in the Black community. They started policing Black communities. The Nation of Islam was succeeding at “winning the War on Drugs.”

Below is how what occurred in the neighborhood that the Nation of Islam patrolled in DC.

“Local crime went down. Drug-related killings stopped. Children again played outdoors. Senior citizens walked in peace.”

“Requests for more Muslim aid poured in from neighborhood, civic, tenant and religious groups throughout the Washington area.”

The Nation of Islam received funding to continue their efforts, but the Jewish organization called the Anti Defamation League, ADL, sabotaged this movement. They held a hearing in Congress to get the Nation of Islam’s community patrol out of Black communities, thus allowing the shootings to continue in the Black community. The Jewish organization, ADL, sabotaged the effort made by Black people to end gun violence in our communities.

Notice how the DC residents stated “children played again outdoors” when the Nation of Islam was patrolling. Since returning from work today, a four year old child was shot in DC. Structural racism and poverty are to blame, but it also the result of the Jewish organization, ADL, testifying in front of Congress to make sure our communities were left unprotected.

As stated with Birth of a Nation and Black face, Jewish individuals helped finance the genocide of black people through propaganda. Today Jewish people take part in that same propaganda against blacks. There are three major Music Record labels in America. They are Universal, Warner, and Sony. Two of these three major record labels are of Jewish ancestry.

There are members of the Jewish community who disproportionately control the media and music industry, and those same people have used that control, to exploit Black artists and Black people. These same media outlets and record labels which are disproportionately owned by Jewish people promote and sell anti-Black propaganda that reinforces negative stereotypes about Black people.

There are 8 major film studios that control Hollywood. As of 2008, ( I do not know the stats now) “all eight major film studios are run by men who happen to be Jewish” as mentioned in the Los Angeles Times article below. The article was written by a Jewish person.

There are three TV Media conglomerates, known as the “Big Three.” They are NBC, ABC, and CBS. These big three media outlets are owned by Jewish people.

  1. NBC -President of NBC- Jeff Shell (Jewish). Comcast which owns NBC, is owned by a Jewish man named Brian L Roberts.

2. ABC is owned by The Walt Disney Company. The Chairwoman of Disney is a Jewish woman named Susan Arnold.

3. CBS- CBS is owned by Paramount Global. The chairwoman of Paramount Global is Jewish. Her name is Shari Redstone.

There are also three major record labels known as the “Big Three.” They are Universal Music Group, and Sony Music Group. Two out of three major record labels just so happened to be owned by Jewish people.

  1. Universal Music Group-Lucian Grainge(Jewish)
  2. Warner Music Group- The Chairman- Michael Mark Lynton and Vice President Len Blavatnik are both Jewish.

These record labels own many other record labels which are disproportionately controlled by music executives, who just so happen to be Jewish.

Jewish music executives would never allow an artist to promote content that reinforced negative stereotypes about Jewish people or violence towards Jewish people. For over 30 years, Jewish music executives who disproportionately control the music industry, have been marketing content that reinforces stereotypes about Black people, as well as music that glorifies the killing of Black people.

The same way Kanye West is being Black balled, these Jewish music executives could easily say “We will not sign any rappers that promote the murder of Black people”

Thirty years ago, Black leaders including Malcolm X’s wife Betty Shabbaz and C Deloris Tucker of the National Political Congress of action, stood up to these major record labels and testified to get them to stop releasing content that reinforced negative, racist, and dangerous stereotypes about the Black community.

In the end, these record labels ignored the cries of the Black community and still promote content that glorifies Black death to this day.

Lyor Cohen who is Jewish, and the CEO of the record label 300 entertainment spoke about how he still signs artists that promote destruction because it makes him money. (As you can see from the clip below.) Lyor Cohen is still making millions of the gun violence Young Thug rapped about, while Young Thug sits in Jail right now.

The rapper Too Short, stated that the president of his record label, Barry Weiss, who is Jewish, would not let him make positive music but instead kept pushing him to make destructive music. He even said that there was a industry wide plot to shut down positive music.

Kanye West stated that Jewish people have “controlled the Black voice”

This is historically and currently accurate.

Michael Jackson, the King of Pop said the record label Sony exploited him him. The music executive was Tommy Mottola. Tommy Mottola happened to be Jewish.

Sam Cooke, who was known to many as the “King of Soul”, was robbed of millions from his record label. The CEO of that record label, Allen Klein, was Jewish. Little Richard’s record label took millions from him. The CEO of Little Richard’s record label, just so happened to be Jewish. Chuck Berry’s record label robbed him of millions. The CEO of Chuck Berry’s record label just happened to be Jewish. Frankie Lymon’s record label robbed him of millions. The CEO of that record label, just so happened to be Jewish. James Brown’s record label tried to sabotage his musical projects on two occasions. The CEO of the record label, just so happened to be Jewish.

Prince literally wrote slave on his face to show that his record label controlled him. The CEO of that record label, just so happened to be Jewish.

Whether it be controlling our Black leaders, and Black artists , it is historically accurate for Kanye West to say “The Jewish community has controlled the Black voice.”

The words of Kanye West do not outweigh the genocide that a segment of the Jewish community helped inflict on Black people in America. Jewish people have participated in the genocide of black people, but at the same time as a black man I do not blame all Jewish people, the same way I don’t blame all white people. Hopefully this historical context, will help alleviate any tensions between the two communities, and help one another fight against injustice.