How Kanye Is Living Out Tupac’s Legacy(Continued)

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They believed that black people would achieve equality when they owned their own businesses. If you haven’t seen this interview I would recommend people to watch and see how since 2013, he has tried to promote a way for black people to not be a part of industries but to own their own industries. He believed that black people must have economic power and ownership of businesses to truly uplift their people. For years he has been frustrated at the fact that, those who own major industries wouldn’t allow him access to break into certain industries. Now with his new friendship with Donald Trump, he is trying to use those connections to get his foot in the door. He has also been meeting with Trump to:

-Create new curriculums for the education system in America.

-Help end gun violence and stop and frisk.

-Promote mental health awareness.

-Create prison reform.

The video is definitely worth a watch one day.

I would strongly encourage everybody to read or listen to the full transcript of the White House meeting and not just the clip the media showed.

Kanye’s message of economic empowerment is also similar to Tupac’s.

Tupac stated in the 1993 Rolling Stones interview mentioned earlier,

If we own the businesses for our population, then we’ll have more money, and if we have more money,then we have power, if we have power than we have land, then we are a people”

In 1993, Tupac would release his second album “Strictly 4 My Niggas.” On songs like “Keep Ya Head Up” and “Holler if Ya Hear Me” he advocated for Black Men standing up, protecting, and respecting our women. He also rapped about how America “has money for war but can feed the poor.” Holler if you hear me was a song about black people rising up against police brutality and corruption in America.

Pretty soon, Tupac would start “living out his art”. Later that year Tupac and his entourage were driving back to their hotel in Atlanta after he performed at a local college.

On the way to the hotel, he noticed two white men harassing a black man. Tupac intervened and the white men pulled guns out on him and broke the passenger window. Tupac then shot the two men. The two men were off-duty police officers. He would beat the cases when it was found out that the of duty police officers, who were drunk,and had stolen their guns from the police department. The guns they stole were “throw away guns.” These are guns you throw away after committing a crime and want to get rid of the evidence. This shooting would make Tupac a hero in the black community. Mutulu Shakur spoke on the after math.

By the time of this shooting, Tupac was sued by the wife of a Texas State Trooper, who was killed by a black teenager. They claimed the killer of the cop was influenced by Tupac’s music. The Vice President at the time Dan Quayle, tried to get Tupac’s album banned. Tupac was not just preaching the ideologies of the Black Panthers, he was now carrying out those beliefs into action which was self defense and protecting his community from racial violence. He was also politicizing gangs around the country similar to what Fred Hampton did in Chicago.

An exposed document reviewed by a 1976 congressional committee detailed how the FBI planned to sabotage political musicians.

It called for FBI agents to “Show them as scurrilous and depraved. Call attention to their habits and living condition, explore every every possible embarrassment. Send in women and sex, break up marriages. Have members arrested on marijuana charges. Investigate personal conflicts or animosities between then. Use narcotics and free sex to entrap them. Use misinformation to confuse and disrupt. Get records of their bank accounts. Obtain specimen of their handwriting, provoke target groups into rivalries that may result in their death.”

Two weeks after shooting two police officers, he would be set up and framed for sexual assault. I know this is a touchy subject especially at a time where it is imperative that we as a society start believing sexual assault survivors. I believe Tupac was framed because of the FBI documents that said “send in women “ and “entrap with sex” to destroy political musicians. I will prove that these tactics were used against Tupac in this sexual assault trial. Tupac spoke about the power that the Black Panthers had at that time and how they were infiltrated.Now why would they do this to a young black organization and why wouldn’t they do this to me?” Meaning, if they infiltrated the Panthers why wouldn’t they do the same to Tupac?

In the same interview he discussed how the FBI would get black people to join the Panthers , try to incite violence or crime in an attempt to frame the whole Black Panther Party.

Tupac’s mother and members of the New York chapter of the Black Panther Party were infiltrated by a man named Eugene Roberts. He helped set up and framed the Black Panthers on trying to blow up buildings and police stations.It would later be revealed that Eugene Roberts was the same man who infiltrated the Nation of Islam and became Malcolm X’s body guard. Despite what the public believes, it was the American Government,FBI and NYPD who were behind the murder of Malcolm X.

Shakur and the 20 other black Panther members, who were known as the Panther 21, beat the case.

It is clear that Tupac’s alleged sexual assault against a woman, was really a set up. The woman that would accuse Tupac, was introduced to him by a man named Haitian Jack. Haitian Jack was a notorious gangster in New York. He met Haitian Jack while working on the movie “Above The Rim” that he would star in. The Notorious BIG and Mike Tyson would try to warn Tupac about hanging with him. Tupac’s cousin stated in 2017 interview that Haitian Jack was a well known police informant, but they didn’t find out until too late.

Haitian Jack, who is believed to be a police informant, introduced Tupac to her at the club in New York. She would perform oral sex with on the dance floor. A few days after they met, the woman left sexual voicemail messages on Tupac’s answering machine. The next time she came over, she accused Tupac, his friend Charles Fuller, and Haitian Jack of sodomy. The female doctor who examined her said there was no evidence of forcible entry and no semen found. Leading up to the trial, the police held on to the woman’s sexual voicemails and then later said that they erased the voicemails. This tactic of withholding evidence was used against Tupac’s family friend and Black Panther Party Leader (L.A. Chapter), Geronimo Pratt.

The police also tried force other women to say Tupac sexually assaulted them. This tactic was used before, against people in the movement. In 1981 police forced others to make false statements about a black man named Mumia Jamal, who founded the Philadelphia Black Panther Party as a teenager. After leaving the BPP he went into journalism and used that to talk about injustice and police brutality. He was framed for killing an officer, despite proof that the bullet in the crime, was proven to not come from Mumia Jamal’s gun. Philadelphia police intimidated witnesses into saying Jamal confessed, even though he never confessed.

When Tupac’s lawyer went to go bail him out he saw that Haitian Jack, was bailed out by the PBA, or Policemen’s Benevolent Association. It was a national police organization. Haitian Jack’s PBA Lawyer was able to get his case severed from Tupac and Charles Fuller’s.

During interviews about the trial, Tupac began to speak out about the corruption and framing in this case.

As if the trial was not enough, in September of 1994, two teenagers shot and killed a police officer in Miluawakee. They claimed it was lyrics by Tupac that inspired them. By the end of November 1994, Tupac had disassociated himself from Haitian Jack. His cousin said there was a time he saw Haitian Jack following Tupac one day. Fast-forward, to November 30, 1994, Tupac and his friends were headed to Quad Studios, for a recording studio session.While in the lobby waiting to go up, Tupac was shot around 4–5 times and robbed of jewelry.

The same officers that arrived at the scene of the shooting, were the same officers that were also the first to arrive when the woman accused him and his entourage of sexual sexual assault, a year before. The Washington Post called this “coincidence”, a “strange twist.”

Tupac miraculous lived and showed up to court the next day. He would eventually get sentenced to 1–4 years in prison.

The short video below shows how Tupac’s powerful words to the Judge, for handling the case in a corrupt manner.

As mentioned by the 1976 congressional senate committee, the FBI detailed how to handle political musicians . One of the ways was to “provoke target groups into rivalries that may result in their death.”

In prison, Tupac was getting anonymous letters saying that the Notorious BIG was involved in the shooting at Quad studios. This was the same tactic the FBI used when they sent anonymous letters to the Black P Stone Rangers in an attempt to start murders between them and the Black Panthers.

1996 East vs West Vibe Magazine cover

The legendary rapper Method Man spoke about his disgust with the media for instigating the East Coast vs West Coast rivalry.

When they put that cover up with B.I.G. and Puff on there, when B.I.G. took that picture, he didn’t take that picture thinking East vs. West. He took a picture thinking, “I’m going to be on the cover of Vibe.” What came after is what solidified East-West beef for all the dumb motherfuckers around that don’t know how to think for themselves. Maybe they just don’t like West Coast people, maybe they just don’t like East Coast people, but that fueled the fire. ..”

Tupac would develop PTSD from the shooting according to the doctors. Some of the symptoms included waking up sweating and yelling. While in prison, the guards tried many tactics to break him. His family friend Yaasmyn Fula, who would visit him, said the prison guards would threaten to kill him. Inmates did as well. Tupac said a prison guard showed him a KKK shirt and told him “We are the biggest gang in town and don’t you forget it.” Tupac would be placed in solitary confinement for 23 hours of the day.

While in Prison, Tupac’s album “Me Against the Worlddebuted at number one, making him the first artist ever to do so.

In October of 1995, Tupac was bailed out of prison by Suge Knight, in exchange for signing to his label Deathrow Records. Five months later, On February 13, 1996 Tupac would release his album, “All Eyes On Me”, the first rap double disk album ever. It would go platinum. Less than one year later , Tupac would be tragically shot on September 7th, 1996. Before his death he had just completed his album “Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory.”

All of the evidence points to Tupac being assassinated that night.

Initially the story was that Tupac and his entourage got into a fight with a member of the Crips, named Orlando Anderson. The fight took place in the lobby of the MGM casino after a Mike Tyson fight in Las Vegas. Many people including Tupac’s brother, Mopreme Shakur, believes that Orlando Anderson was placed there as a pawn. Meaning Orlando Anderson, (who said he didn’t even have a ticket to the fight), was told to come, to make it look like it was a gang related shooting.

Below, is another reason that alludes to the fact that the fight was already set up. Six months prior to the night of the shooting ,Travon Lane, an alleged blood gang member and Death Row Records affiliate was in an altercation with Anderson. While waiting in the lobby, they happen to run into Anderson. The legendary rapper and producer affiliated with Death Row Records, DJ Quik, said Travon Lane instigated the fight between Tupac and Orlando Anderson.

-The body guards were ordered not to carry weapons the night of his murder, making Tupac unprotected and vulnerable for an attack. The body guard, Michael Michael Moore stood up to Deathrow Records security and said he was going to carry his gun that night. He was taken off Tupac that night.

- Around the time Tupac was shot, the same bodyguard said he heard on the Death Row Records walkie-talkie, a man say “Got Em”. According to Michael Moore the man sounded “Caucasian”. On the way to the hospital when they found out Tupac was shot, he heard someone else say “Hey, don’t say nothing over this radio”

-The FBI had Tupac under surveillance the at the time of his murder.

-Members of DeathRow Records were apart of LAPD.

-The FBI had a 4,000 page file on Tupac Shakur. They only released 90 pages.

After Tupac’s murder it was said that Suge Knight would be used to set up rappers like Lil Wayne and Petey Pablo. Suge Knight also tried to get Lil Boosie to start a rap beef with T.I., but Lil Boosie chose not too.

One must ask, why would somebody who was once at the center of the deadliest rap beef in history, try to start rap beef between two of the biggest rappers of the South?

Although Tupac was killed, his impact around the world still lives on. His music is taught at schools like Harvard and UC Berkeley. A man from Libya said Tupac’s music was what inspired him during the revolution in the Middle East known as the “Arab Spring”.

The reason why Tupac ‘s Assassination is important today is because the government is bringing back the tactics used against Tupac and the civil rights leaders in the 60’s against black people today. Today you don’t have to be the biggest rapper on the planet or be famous. All you have to do is be black and speak up against police brutality.

In 2017 the FBI put out a 12 page report, called the “Black Identity Extremist.” They detail how black people who speak up against police brutality will be labeled a terrorist and treated as such. The FBI conducted one house raid so far. Since the rise of Black Lives Matter, activists have been placed under surveillance by the FBI and kidnapped by the police. The same tactics used against our grandparents generation is still being used against black people now. (The links of them targeting Black Lives Matter is at the very bottom) Due to this war being declared against our community yet again, it is important that we rally behind Kanye to get Larry Hoover freed. We are going to need all the help we can get to survive this war, and who better than the advice from veterans.

Also, Tupac’s death is why I still support Kanye. If Kanye is as “crazy” as we say he is, he’s going to overdose or kill himself. If he is as “crazy” as everybody says he is, it’s going to end tragically. We’ve seen this story before. If he were to die, our Facebook timelines are going to be filled with things like “Such a tortured soul , what a genius, you will live on Kanye”, probably from the same people who ridiculed him.

Michael Jackson passed away and I witnessed a whole generation of people who labeled him a freak, turn around and treat him like a legend. Tupac’s death also taught me that not everything is as it seems. As we know the government’s goal was to turn black people against each other , and to destroy black men and women who speak up for black people. Knowing this I can not support the public “tearing down” of Kanye West who is trying to uplift his community. When I see a black man get on national TV and call out the President for racism and he is not the same person anymore I have to wonder.When I see somebody like Nick Cannon joke that Kanye West is Under MK Ultra (mind altering drugs) I start to wonder, especially because the government admitted MK-Ultra is real.

The son of the legendary black singer, actor and activist, Paul Robeson Sr., stated in an interview (below) that he believed these mind altering drugs were used against his father.

When I see somebody like Katt Williams use his platform as a comedian to speak out against racism and corruption in America, and then he is constantly thrown in jail, you have to wonder. (Skip to 1 min and 50 minutes below.)

In 2012, Katt Williams spoke out about concentration camps being built in America. Today over thousands of latino children are in concentration camps.

Due to the targeting of black leaders for decades, I tend to give black people who are activists and who are using their platforms, the benefit of the doubt. Despite the short media clips of Kanye being shown, the full clips really show that he is following in the foot steps of Tupac. He is trying to bring true black political leadership, and order and safety in Chicago, and the streets of inner cities in America. This is similar to what Tupac was trying to do with his “Thug Life Movement.” Unlike Tupac, Kanye actually has able develop friendship with a “President”. I don’t trust Trump nor any politicians for that matter, but hopefully Kanye can get Trump to at least free Larry Hoover. Although Kanye may have slight trouble with his delivery, when you read the full transcript, and watch full videos of his interviews, it makes way more sense then the quick sound bites that we see on T.V.

Thanks for reading!

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