Gun Violence In DC: We Need The Nation Of Islam

4 min readDec 2, 2019


Although it has been happening in DC for decades, lately a lot of victims from gun violence or violence in general, have been youth. Many heard about the killing of 11 year old Kavon Brown this summer or 10 year old Makiyah Wilson, the year before. Both were victims of senseless gun violence. The violence is so prevalent in one DC community that children at an elementary school are stuck in the crossfire. In a span of two weeks Hendley Elementary school was hit by stray bullets on two separate occasions.

Now here is the solution. Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam did what no black leader, politician, or organization has been able to successfully do. Win the “War on Drugs”. They dramatically decreased gun violence in black communities. During the height of the crack epidemic, Farrakhan was able to go to “war zones” in DC and through out America and create a cease fire thus protecting women and children from mass shootings,also known as drive bys.

He and the Nation of Islam accomplished this through their patrol team called, “Dope Busters.” They started their work in the predominantly black housing development called, Mayfair Mansions. I used to work at Neval Thomas Elementary school around the corner from Mayfair Mansions. I vividly remember talking with one student about his friend (9 years old) who had been shot in the head during a drive by there. He became known as “The Miracle Baby” due time him surviving despite the bullet still being in his skull.

Dr. John Myseros, chief of neurosugery at Children’s National Medical Center, who operated on the child, said

“I thought he was going to die. Everybody did,” “The bullet went through the bone, dragging the bone with it into the brain. It went up, ricocheted off the top and went down.”

I then asked the student about the violence there and he replied “I’m used to it”

Thirty years ago when the gun violence at Mayfair Mansions was even worse, the Nation of Islam helped clean it up. The Chicago Tribune wrote about the work of Nation of Islam in DC, stating

“Local crime went down. Drug-related killings stopped…residents breathed easier. Children played outdoors. Senior citizens walked in peace”

The Nation of Islam succeeded at winning the “War on Drugs”, not just in DC but in cities such as Baltimore,New York, and Chicago etc. They received funding to continue their efforts, but the Jewish organization called the Anti Defamation League(ADL), sabotaged this movement. The ADL held a hearing in Congress to get the Nation of Islam’s community patrol out of black communities, thus continuing the destruction of the black neighborhoods in DC and through out America. Why did the ADL want the Nation of Islam out of black communities? Due to the fact that “the truth hurts.”

Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam have spoke about the fact that Jewish people have oppressed black people and still do today. Unfortunately this is true. Feel free to read “ How Jewish People Participated In The Holocaust Of Black People” below.

They have also discussed how Jewish people are not the true “Jews” that the Bible speaks of. This is unfortunately true as well. For proof read below.

African Americans are the “Jews” that the Bible speaks of. For those that want proof, feel free to read the article below.

Many times Louis Farrakhan has said that he does not dislike the Jewish community and that he only had an issue with the handful that oppresses black people and commits genocide against Palestinians in Israel.

Children dying in the streets should be more offensive to the ADL than words. One could say that it is possible that the child mentioned above may not have a bullet still in his head, had the ADL not forced the Nation of Islam patrols out of DC and other cities.

The Nation of Islam’s service is strongly needed. It is a state of emergency in black neighborhoods in DC, as well as all over the country. Besides need for them to help end the gun violence within the black community, they are needed to end the gun violence inflicted by the police.

It has been documented that the Ku Klux Klan has infiltrated law enforcement in America.This means that a terrorist organization that gained its rise to power by killing black people, are now patrolling black communities with guns. (Read below for more info)

Black people need to police their own communities, and the Nation of Islam have proven to be the best at it.

To read more info about this same type of work the Nation of Islam has done in black neighborhoods through out America,like Baltimore and Chicago, click the links below.