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Evidence That Proves Black People are the Biblical Israelites

  1. DNA evidence

Africans have the biggest genetic diversity in the world.

Not all black people come from the same tribe, nor do all Africans have the same DNA. That being said African Americans and other black people scattered around the world during the slave trade, have a different genetic code than other Africans in Africa. Black people of the Diaspora, unlike other Africans, trace their DNA ancestry back to the Land of Israel. Many Africans still living in Africa have this same genetic code, for example the Lemba Tribe in Zimbabwe.

2. Appearance

The Bible as well as ancient historians describe the Ancient Israelites as black. The bible uses the appearance of Ancient Egyptians, as a reference to what the Ancient Israelites looked like.

Moses and Paul, who were Israelites, were mistaken for Egyptians. Egyptians were black Africans. For some, the fact that Ancient Egyptians were Black could be new information and sound outlandish. For those that didn’t know this just click and read this article when ever you have time. In the meantime here is a photo of an Ancient Pharoah in Ancient Egypt

How Egypt Became White Washed

The Torah(Old Testament) and the New Testament also describes how Israelites such as Moses and the apostle Paul looked like Africans.

The story of Moses, found in the Torah, in the book of Exodus, confirms the African resemblance. The Pharaoh at that time was planning on killing every Hebrew baby in Egypt. The Pharaoh was scared that the Israelite population in Egypt would outnumber the Egyptians. Moses’s mother, hid him in a basket, and put the basket with Moses in the river, to prevent him from being killed. The daughter of the Pharaoh, found Moses in the basket and they raised him like a grandson. For many years Pharaoh believed that Moses was his blood grandson. In a nutshell, the Pharaoh couldn’t tell the difference between a Hebrew baby and an Egyptian baby. This means Moses looked like a black African. Moses was mistaken for an Egyptian by others as well. After he helped a group of girls water their flock, they mentioned this to their father. They said “An Egyptian delivered us out of the hand of the shepherds, and also drew water enough for us, and watered the flock” (Exodus 2:19.)

The fact that the group of girls thought Moses was Egyptian, means he looked like a black African. The apostle Paul was also mistaken for an Egyptian. In the book of Acts, in the New Testament, Paul was being arrested and a Roman soldier said, “Art not thou that Egyptian, which before these days madest an uproar, and leddest out into the wilderness four thousand men that were murderers?”(Acts 21:38.)

The fact that Paul was mistaken for an Egyptian means he resembled Egyptians. This means Paul looked like black Africans. So what did the Ancient Egyptians that Moses and Paul resembled look like? Below are pictures.

Words from Ancient Historians and Scholars that prove black people are the biblical Israelites.

3. Israel is in North East Africa Not the Middle East.

Israelites migrated from North East Africa to West Africa where they were kidnapped into slavery and shipped to the Americas.

In 70 AD the Romans invaded Israel causing millions of Israelites to escape to Africa. “In his book ,The Great Roman-Jewish War: 66–70, the Roman historian, Flavius Josephus, stated over thousands of years ago,that the Israelites migrated into Africa. He writes:

“General Vaspasian and his son Caesar Titus fought against the Jews. Millions of Jews fled into Africa, among other places, fleeing from Roman persecution and starvation during the siege.”

This historical migration is backed up by the DNA evidence which says black people of the African diaspora can trace their ancestors back to Israel.

According to the Tarikh es Soudan recorded by Abderrahman ben Abdallah es-Sadi (translated by O.Houdas) a Jewish community was formed by a group of Egyptian Jews, who had travelled to the West Africa through Chad.

See also: al-Kati M., “Tarikh al-Fattash, 1600”. Egypt is right next to Israel and it is a fact that the Israelites lived in Egypt for centuries.

Leon Africanus traveled in Africa, south of the Sahara where he encountered many Black African Hebrew communities.

See Leo Africanus (al-Hassan b. al -Wazzan al-Zayyati), Della discrittione dell’Africa per Giovanni Leoni Africano, Settima Parte, in G.B. Ramusio, Delle navigationi e viaggi. Venice 1550, I, ff.78–81r.

4. Before Europeans invaded Africa, many of our ancestors were practicing the same customs of the Torah. Many Africans today still practice those customs. For proof of this please read below. The article below will show the African origins of the Bible.

5. Biblical Prophecy.

Prophecy is a message by God that foretells a future event. There are many prophecies in the bible that proves that black people, whose ancestors were brought on slave ships to North America, Latin America, and the Caribbeans are Israelites. One prophecy can be found is in Genesis 15:13–15 and Acts 7:6–7.

This prophecy says that the Israelites would be enslaved and mistreated for 400 years and afterwards God would punish the nation that enslaved them and afterwards they would come out of their captivity with great wealth and would return to their homeland. Black Americans arrived as slaves in America in 1619. 1619+400=2019. I don’t think it is a coincidence that earlier this year, Trump just signed a bill called the 400 years of African American History Commission Act. This was proposed by a black congressman named Bobby Scott of Virginia. This bill plans to redistribute wealth to the African American community through grants. Also, Ghana just declared 2019, the year of return for black people of the African Diaspora. This will allow black people to return to their homeland receive dual citizenship.