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To White Women, From A Black Man

I was about to publish this, then I decided to do what I always do before I try to make a decision. Listen to a black woman. I asked my friend and she read the article and said “Do you really think if 53 percent of White Women voted for Trump, they will listen now?” “ Its 2018, they aren’t stupid they know what they are doing” I have many white female friends who understand social injustice and want to help. I figured, “hmm if they can understand social injustice, than why can’t these other white women?” I’ve been wondering lately, are most white women just ignorant to the facts or are do they really not care about minorities? Will today’s election show that white female voters have “opened their eyes” since election 2016, or better yet since Kavanaugh was voted in? I remember seeing white women being outraged over the Kavanugh situation, but I thought to myself, would they believe me or my friends if we were killed by the cops?

As a black man I believe Dr. Ford and that sexual assault, rape culture, and misogyny, is imbedded in America and the world.

In order to prevent rapists and those that voted for Kavanaugh, from being in office, my community and your demographic must work together. First, you must work to correct your very own demographic as well, which is White women.

The whole concept of the “alt-right” seems so distant to me, until I think of the minor interactions I have experienced, in which white women brought up race.

I remember trying to explain to a white woman, that Dorian Johnson, saw his best friend Michael Brown, shot to death by a police officer named Darren Wilson. He said he saw Michael Brown being shot with his hands up, as he begged for his life, saying, “hands up don’t shoot”. As you know those words would be a major protest call for Black Lives Matter.

The same white woman wrote on her Facebook “that’s the criminal justice system, move on” and “racism can’t go away if you keep mentioning it.” Then, a non black woman commented that she experienced discrimination in the south. The white woman replied in attempt to counteract by saying that she “experienced discrimination as a White Woman, when traveling abroad.”

White women, I believe you as sexual assault survivors, but do you believe black people like Dorian Johnson, who have personally witnessed the trauma of police gunning us down in the street?

I remember going to a police brutality march in D.C., for Michael Brown. We marched from gallery place to the Whitehouse. As we walked on that cold November night of 2014, a drunk white woman coming out of a club yelled at us, “get a job!”, as we marched for justice for our slain brother, Michael Brown. I laughed at her ignorance, especially the fact that I was at work earlier that day.

Black people have been being killed on live video by police for years, while the officers were found not guilty. Our community is not believed.

Multiple Witnesses

Over the next few years, the U.S. Justice department and witnesses would report major evidence of police brutality in cities in America.

As women, you have every right to be angry that a rapist and rapists are in power. As you can see the KKK and racists are in power and policing black communities.

I get that black women (and all women) are sexually assaulted and abused, but, black women believe us. Black women are not only sexually assaulted but they are also victims of the same police brutality and racism. Historically, white women have used their privilege to oppress blacks. After slavery the new found freedom of black men terrified White Men. White woman played a role in enforcing terrorism against blacks. One of the most famous cases was Emmett Till. He was a 14 year old black boy who was killed by two white men. They kidnapped him from his home, cut a part of his nose off, ripped his eye ball out, beat his face so badly that it was disfigured. He was then shot in the head. To get rid of his body, they tied a 75 pound cotton gin to keep him submerged under water. A white woman lied and said he assaulted her.

For the white women who keep calling the police on black men, according to the stats, no more that one percent of black men will commit a violent crime a year.

When I used to think of the migrant children in concentration camps, it’s hard to imagine how anybody could allow that. Then I realized how a few years ago, at the gym I over heard a white girl, maybe 17 or 18 say to her friend “hispanics keep moving in my neighborhood and lowering the property value.” Those same racist attitudes about latinos and blacks, keeps them locked in low income neighborhoods, due to racist real estate agents. These were the same racist ideologies that created the atmosphere in 1951, in which thousands of whites in Illinois attacked a black family’s apartment with bricks and fire bombs. Today, white real estate agents use more subtle tactics to force black and latinos in certain neighborhoods. This is a form of genocide. Feel free to click and read below to find out how.

Most importantly, stereotypes dehumanize people. Jewish people were dehumanized with Nazi propaganda. It allowed them to be placed in concentration camps. That same dehumanization is why 13,000 latino children are still in concentration camps.

I remember watching the riots over the murder of Freddie Gray by the police in Baltimore. I was talking with a white woman who was a classmate. I remember trying to convince her how the War on Drugs was racially motivated.

As you already know black people aren’t believed when they talk about racism or the ignorance they deal with daily, so here is the conversation.

No drugs in the suburbs huh?

When it comes to no drugs in the suburbs. The lie detector detected that, that was a lie.

When it comes to “black people not being targeted by the police.”

The lie detector determined that was a lie.

A member from the Richard Nixon administration, the same administration that started the War On Drugs, admitted that the purpose was to lock up black people in hopes of destroying their community and arresting their civil rights leaders.

There is also the fact that, the Reagan Administration knowingly allowed drugs to flow into black communities. We would be later find out that people connected the U.S. government, brought these drugs into black communities.

The War on Drugs still exists today.

It is important to note, it is not just black men, who are the potential husbands, sons, and father’s of black women, being arrested. It is also black women being arrested in the false war on drugs.

She didn’t believe what millions of blacks have witnessed and have been victimized of for decades. Not even the testimony of a black police officer. Many of those same white women are now outraged at the same system we tried warning them about, and want us to believe them. Wrong is wrong and I will stand against sexual assault no matter what, but will those same white women ever stand with our community?

I remember hearing white woman talking about a black drug addict on the street and said “I can’t believe my taxes are going to people like that.” Her friend said to her, “well maybe he and other addicts didn’t have the same advantages as you, which causes him to be addicted?.”

Her reply was “it’s not my fault I was born with what I have, (rich parents, wealthy upbringing.”)

Growing up my parents had to enforce my attire and how I acted so I wouldn’t look suspicious, or get killed by the police similar to how women are policed about avoiding sexual assault. I was instructed that one false move around a police officer could mean getting gunned down, like Philando Castile or Amadou Diallo who was shot over 40 times by the NYPD because they mistook his wallet for a gun.

Interestingly enough, when I wore regular things like a polo and sandals, I was told by a white female co worker, “ you aren’t really black because you wear polos and sandals.” I guess she thought I was supposed to have gold teeth and a house arrest/ankle monitor Lol.

I once heard a white woman I had a class with say, “Lil Wayne is ruining hip hop because he plays the guitar and skateboards “, insinuating that black men should only conform to the stereotypes or roles that society gives to him. Stereotypes or misinformation may seem harmless but they become dangerous, especially if they make you view somebody as one particular way.

Besides being shot by the police, black and latino males boys routinely have their bodies physically violated by the police.

As stated in this article, the police admit the war on drugs was created to target and arrest black people. This is street harassment as well. This is not to invalidate or down play what women go through, but to let white women know that you experience abuse from the same system.

The reason why I am even sharing my experiences is because according to the stats, many white women share the same views as the white women that I mentioned in this article. Hopefully these experiences will call for corrections.

White Women have a special debt to Black people. Not for what your ancestors did but for what our ancestors have done, and for what you receive now. Black women, were on the front lines during the civil rights movement, being beat unconscious, and killed when in reality white women reaped the benefits of the abuse of the black woman’s body.

Millions of Black women would be placed in concentration camps (slave ships and plantations were concentration camps by definition) for over 200 years. Many would experience rape and many worked to death on concentration camps for centuries in America and Latin America. Black women suffered through a slave system that the world had never seen before.

After the long fight to be treated equally during civil rights movement, the single most group that benefited and still benefits from the civil rights movement was and is white women. It was black women like Fannie Lou Hamer, who were leading the movement, marching, beaten, and many killed. In 1918, a black woman named Mary Turner was lynched, set on fire, her baby cut open from her pregnant stomach by a white mob then they stomped the baby out. The mob then shot up the body with guns.

These are the historical horror stories of black women in America. Today white women are the main beneficiaries of affirmative action, despite the fact that black women are statistically more likely to be disadvantaged, financially, socially, and politically, compared to white women. I repeat, the group that benefited the most from the civil rights movement was and is white women.

*Affirmative action was initially passed as a way to help make up for the treatment of blacks during slavery and Jim Crow.*

Even in the medical field, Black Women are not believed about their pain. This is deadly. Tennis legend Serena Williams, almost died due to not being believed.

White Women, this government and justice system showed about a month ago that you are not valued and you are not believed. As you know, black people believe you, and we hope you can start believing us as well. As women you will face oppression, but despite what Bette Midler may have thought a month ago, that oppression is not on the level of what black women face.

Yes all women have experienced sexual assault through out history, but no woman’s sexual assault except the black women was depended upon to keep the country and world’s economy moving. When the death rate for slaves was increasing, slave owners needed more slaves. It was a demand for more labor.

According to the United Nations, the slave labor of Black people on the concentration camps in America, is estimated at …wait for it…

5.9 Trillion Dollars. Yes, actually 5.9 Trillion Dollars.

Due to the need for more free Black slave labor , Black women and girls during slavery were bred like animals and were expected to start producing babies at age 13. By the time they were 20, they were expected to produce 4 or 5 babies. Some black women were promised freedom if they produced 15 babies.

This forced breeding continued in America for centuries and helped play a major part in the 5.9 trillion dollars worth of Black labor that helped build America into the super power that it is today.

Due to the fact that white women have benefited tremendously from the fight for equality by black women, I think white women owe them. I do not have the answers but I recommend asking which candidate for the election best represents the needs of black women. 53 percent of white women voted for Trump. This means that the majority of white women in America chose political reasons over the safety and human rights of fact of minorities. This clearly shows that most white women do not care about people of color. There can never be harmony in this country or world until the aboriginal woman, aka the black woman, is finally valued.

The two most famous movements for black people in America, (the Abolitionist Movement and Civil Rights Movement)taught us that, white women gain political power, access to wealth, better jobs/career opportunities whenever they:

  1. Listen to Black people
  2. Be willing to be led by Black people.
  3. Share the stories of Black People
  4. Join in on the fight for equality of Black people.

The reason why it’s important to listen and be willing to be led by black people, is because historically and currently, many white people who joined the movement still had racist beliefs, that helped lead to issues in both movements.

White women, your equality is directly tied in with the fight for the rights of Black women and men.

Black Lives Matter is a start. It is led by black women. They have been leading the fight against this system for the past few years when it was founded in 2012. Join one in your city.

Read about black lives matter below and not what the media has told you about it.

P.S. If millions of white women voted for Trump can I get 100 white women to share this article ?🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

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