Black Autonomy For Baltimore (Sandtown-Windchester)

4 min readNov 9, 2021

I. How To Incorporate Sandtown-Winchester

II. The Proposed Government For Sandtown-Windchester

III. Incorpartion Would Reduce Rent And Add Affordable Housing

In his 1964 Ballot or the Bullet speech, Malcolm X stated that our communities are controlled “from the outside by outsiders”

In 1966 Dr. King stated “The Northern ghetto had become a type of colonial area. The colony was powerless because all important decisions affecting the community were made from the outside.”-(Dr King ,Chicago Freedom Movment)

This is still the case today in Black communities across America, including Baltimore.

How should/can the Black community in Baltimore liberate themselves from colonizers who control their community?

Answer: By incorporating all of the predominantly Black neighborhoods. Black people in Baltimore, specifically Sandtown, which is nearly 100 percent Black, can turn their neighborhoods into historically Black towns by incorporating it.