4 min readOct 17, 2018


Are Black People Delusional?

Most people would agree that being in an abusive relationship for 4 years is unhealthy and toxic. If somebody you love is in that situation you would tell them to leave. Well black people have been in an abusive relationship with America for 400 years. America has shown us who they are for 400 years. Believing we can change the hearts and minds of people who make up majority of the system, is delusional.

To make matters worse, it has become illegal to even try to change the system. In 2017, the FBI literally declared a war against black people who speak up against police brutality,which is pretty much most black people. If you speak out about police brutality, the FBI is allowed to come raid your house with guns in the middle of the night. This isn’t a rumor or conspiracy theory, this is what the actual documents from our government says. Why would any black person in their right mind want to live in America after hearing this?

Now some people would say ok if we can not change the system from within, then what are our other options?

Black people you have a whole homeland calling for you to come back.

Ghana just declared 2019 as the “Year of Return” for African Americans and blacks around the world. Black people will be given dual citizenship and will be able to buy land. Land is the key to wealth. Land is something that America has shown no sign of giving to black people.

Some black people might say “But this is all I know, all I know is America.” That’s strikingly similar to what some Black people said about the plantation, when they were freed from slavery. That’s called Stockholm syndrome and being brainwashed. Don’t get me wrong, I feel like I would need my family and friends to come join me to make that move, but that would be the end goal. I was blessed to travel to Portugal last year and for the first time in my life, I felt like there was a world outside of America. I always knew there was a world outside of America, I just didn’t think I would ever want to live permanently outside of America. Now I do. Unfortunately, Portugal(the country that started the Atlantic Slave Trade) still has racism as well, so I would still prefer an African country.

Now I get it, not all black people have the resources to just leave America. Until then we have to start looking at living in America as entering in shark infested waters. If you know sharks live in the ocean, you are taking a risk by getting in. If we know this country was built on racism, and is run by racists, then we are taking a risk by simply living here. So when a cop kills a black person, or a city shuts down schools in a black neighborhood, or a bank denies loans for black people, that’s just a shark being a shark. You can’t change the nature of a shark, you just have to get away from the natural habitat of sharks.

Trying to get all of black people to move back to Africa could be delusional, but so is trying to get a country that hates you, to give you rights.

Until we as black people get it in our head or atleast begin to think about moving back to Africa, then we must accept that racism is just not urgent or a big enough issue for us. If we think racism is going to go away in America or that black people will achieve equality in America we are delusional. I don’t want to live in a country where, we have to make calculated decisions of “we just gotta get X amount of ppl to vote for Democrats so we can take control of the house/senate” …just so that millions of people can get health care to prevent them from dying. This is not a normal way to live or operate in a society. The good news is, we aren’t trapped.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to scroll down for some interesting videos on the scenery and infrastructure of Africa.