4 min readJan 18, 2019


Are Barack Obama Supporters Just As Worse As R-Kelly Fans? (Rough Draft)

Before reading this, keep in mind this is coming from a man who prayed on his hands and knees during election 2008, that Obama would break history and become our first black president.

I will make this quick. Just a few quick bullet points as to why I even would make a comparison with him and R. Kelly.

  1. Obama dropped 20,000 bombs on Black and Brown countries. Why does America drop bombs? So that we can steal natural resources. If you still are naive to think America is really in the middle east “protecting our freedom” then damn. While bombing countries, which is arguably the most violent thing a person can do, he referred to black people as thugs when they rioted in Baltimore during the Rebellion for Freddie Gray.

2. What Obama said was way worse than what Kanye said. In 2008 when running for president, Obama said that he opposed reparations. A black man who grew up with more privileges than the average black person(raised in Hawaii by white grandparents), voiced on a national platform that black people do not need reparations for slavery. Obama’s father was born and raised in African. Obama’s ancestors did not suffer from slavery or Jim crow on American soil. Africans suffered under colonialism which was just as worse, yet I would never try to tell black people in Africa how they should be compensated for something my ancestors did not directly experience.

Saying that black people shouldn’t have reparations for their holocaust when just about everybody in America did, is just as disrespectful as saying “slavery was a choice”.

3. Despite not giving black people reparations, Obama signed a bill that gave billions of dollars to Israelis every year. These billions of dollars came at a time when Flint Michigan still did not have access to water. A lot of this money helped fund the genocide of Palestinians and Ethiopians in Israel at the hands of the Israeli government.

4. Obama deported more undocumented immigrants than any president up until his time in the Whitehouse. This is why undocumented immigrants refer to him as “Deporter in Chief”

5. Obama helped place the hit on Gadaffi, a true black leader. Gadaffi had a plan to use his gold and oil in Libya to unite and uplift African countries. (Not done with this section yet.)

So when you add all of this up, Obama destroyed the lives of many black and brown people. No, Obama didn’t rape women like R Kelly, but maybe..just maybe, I know it is a crazy thought, but maybe bombing the fuck out of women and children is just as bad as rape? If your answer to this article is well.. Obama was not the first president to do all this stuff..what about Bush, Clinton, etc.. then congrats. You are deflecting and doing exactly what R Kelly fans do when they say “what about Harvey Weinstein?’

Also, “it’s different, he’s a politician” is not a valid excuse. Nobody held a gun to Obama’s head and made him do these things. Due to the fact that so many black people still have so much support for Obama, it let’s me know that these black people don’t really want equality in America, they just want to be able to do what white people do and get away with it. I get it, black people have been down for so long in America, 400 years this year, that we associate certain types power with freedom. If bombing innocent black and brown people is the majority of black people’s view of freedom or Dr. King’s dream, then yall can keep that. As we reflect on Dr. King’s legacy for MLK day in a few days, let’s remember that he was a huge critic of War and the military industrial complex(war for profit). If Dr. King were alive today it is safe to say, he would strongly oppose Obama the fact that Obama dropped over 20,000 bombs on black and brown countries. Obama stood with the military system that Dr. King risked his life speaking out against.

Thanks for reading.