4 min readNov 19, 2018

Alyssa Milano Is Not Black Women’s Ally.

Alyssa Milano is not an ally to Black Women because she does not have the best interests of Black women in mind. Last year she helped the me-too movement go viral, but a few weeks ago she stated she would not speak at the Women’s March, unless the organizers denounced Louis Farrakhan. The organizers have ties with him. Why does Alyssa Milano want the organizers to denounce Louis Farrakhan? The reason is, she thinks he is anti-semitic.

Why does she think he is anti-semitic? It could possibly be her own ignorance and or combined with being fed lies. For the past 30 years Louis Farrakhan has been calling out the fact that Jewish people have participated in the Holocaust of Black Americans and still participate in that same form of oppression of black people today.

To find out how, I strongly encourage people to click and read this link below.

For the past 30 years, Louis Farrakhan has also called out Israel for the Holocaust of Palestinians that has been going on since 1948 and still continues today. Holocaust means destruction, so when I say Holocaust I am referring to the systemic efforts to destroy black people and Palestinians.

The organizers of the march are Tamika Mallory, a Black woman and Linda Sarsour , a Palestinian woman. Essentially, Alyssa Milano, a white woman, is telling two women of color to denounce Louis Farrakhan, simply because Louis Farrakhan wants people in power who happen to be Jewish, to stop oppressing Black people and Palestinians. For some strange reason, this makes Alyssa Milano uncomfortable. What Alyssa Milano is doing is no different from when other white Americans call black people “race -baiters” or accuse black people of “reverse-racism”, simply for calling out racism at the hands of white Americans. Calling Louis Farrakhan anti-semitic is like calling women who support the me-too movement, anti-men. Alyssa Milano is attempting to sabotage the Women’s March simply because the liberation of Black women and other women of color threatens her.

The ignorance of Alyssa Milano is divisive. She wants a black woman to denounce a black man who has spent the last 30 years preaching messages to uplift, advocate for, and heal black women. In the 4th video below titled “Farrakhan Speaks on the protection of black women”, Farrakhan says in his speech that, “A man is not worth anything if he is unwilling to protect the woman that gives birth to his own nation.”

Below are list of different sermons and speeches by Louis Farrakhan specifically for Black Women.

The Abuse of The Black Woman

Farrakhan speaking against rape.

Farrakhan teaches the Black man and Black woman to love each other.

The Great Power and Value of the Black Woman

Farrakhan speaks on the protection of Black Women

The Black Woman Must Be Respected

It is worth noting that Louis Farrakhan has also spent the last few decades calling out rappers for their misogynistic lyrics towards black women.

Since the death of Dr King, Malcolm X, and all of the other black leaders during the civil rights movement, no other black leader has dedicated their lives to trying to uplift the black community more than Louis Farrakhan. None. Louis Farrakhan did what no black leader or politician has done, which is find a solution to the gun violence and drug trade that has been destroying the black community for decades. Today, mass shootings and gun control are a major issue in America. Beginning in the late 80’s, Louis Farrakhan was able to end mass shootings that affected black neighborhoods all over America. Farrakhan was able to go to war zones in America and create a cease fire thus protecting women and children from mass shootings. He and the Nation of Islam accomplished this through their patrol team called, “Dope Busters”.

The Nation of Islam succeeded at winning the War on Drugs. They received funding to continue their efforts, but the Jewish organization called the Anti Defamation League(ADL), sabotaged this movement. They held a hearing in Congress to get the Nation of Islam’s community patrol out of black communities, thus continuing the destruction of the black community. The War on Drugs, as well as the gun violence that Farrakhan worked to solve, still occurs to this day.

Instead of being denounced, Alyssa Milano, and the government of the United States could and should learn from Louis Farrakhan. Especially when it comes to ending mass shootings. In conclusion, anybody who wants a black woman to distance themselves from a leader who has been preaching to messages to uplift and heal black women for decades, is an enemy of black women. Anybody who wants a black woman to denounce somebody who has dedicated a large part of their lives working to fight against the system that oppresses black women, is an enemy. Anybody who wants a black woman to denounce a leader who has worked to end the oppression of the sons, fathers, and husbands of black women, is an enemy of black women.