My 5 Thoughts On The Show “YOU”

2 min readJan 22, 2020


  1. What ever happened to Joe’s pee they found at the scene of Peaches murder scene? Was I just not paying attention?

2. I’m so damn gladddd 40 is dead. Literally the most annoying person I’ve never met.

Every time “Love” would feel like it was her duty as a twin to always protect her brother, I couldn’t help but think of Major Payne saying this:

-Please watch below-

3. Paco…smh “I almost gotta way with it too, if it wasn’t for those meddling kids”

All of season Joe tried his ultimate best to improve Paco’s life(Got rid of the abusive stepfather,helped his Paco’s mom detox, and gave him books), and yet it only took 2 seconds for Paco to nearly ruin Joe’s life.

4. Beck was a….* starts with a H rhymes with toeeeee*

I can never watch Full house again.

When John Stamos was pleading for his life, the screen writers missed a perfectly good opportunity to make John Stamos say “ Haveee Mercy”.

Beck was bound to die young anyway…she was black out drunk and fell into the train tracks. Joe saved her life and her legacy. Had she died on the train tracks, she would have died “just another broke rapper”. Joe killed her, she blew up and became larger than life through her book, and now her art lives on like Tupac.

She was a horrible person. She saw that Joe was happy in a new relationship, stole him back, then cheated on him.


Karen Minty. She was so gorgeous and look like she tasted like Hershey kisses. As always, black women stay saving the world. Home girl pretended like she wasn’t fazed by the break up, left his house then went home and cracked the whole damn code.